About Me

Carin Poo

Hello, I’m Carin! If you’re wondering, yes “Poo” is my surname. Not surprisingly, I did get teased a lot for it back in primary and secondary school, but they didn’t really bother me. 😉

I’m from a small family of four, just my parents and my younger sister. Oh, can I say five instead? I regard my cat, Meow Meow as part of my family too. I know the name “Meow Meow” cannot be any less creative, but at least she responds to it? She’s a stray, and I am ever so thankful to have her wander into my life. You can check out my Instagram (@carin_poo) for snapshots of MM. I’ll always try to take photos of her, though she’s not an easy one.

I am an avid online shopper. I started from 2007, and never looked back since haha! In fact, I’m so used to shopping online to the point that I hardly make my purchases from brick and mortar stores anymore. It’s like I’m already used to judging how a dress would look like when it’s donned on the model so much so that when I go to brick and mortar stores and pick up the dresses hung flatly on hangers, they don’t appeal to me anymore. I prefer to do my shopping online where the items are presented to me in their best forms through well fitted models and quality photos. Anyway, I have amassed quite a bit of online shopping “victories” over the past few years and my wardrobe is near its brim so I’m trying to practise some self-discipline!

To round up, this blog was actually created for me by a special one, Marcus. He hopes for this little virtual space to be an avenue for me to express my thoughts, share my views, find my voice, and imprint my memories. Last but not least, it can follow me for as long as I wish it to. Thank you for this!

I welcome your views about this website. If you would like to contact me with any queries or comments, please send an email to carin[@]misscarin[dot]com. I can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. 🙂