Phi Phi Island Tour | Phuket Day 3

Day 3

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We allocated the whole of Day 3 for the Phi Phi island tour. The day started early at 7.30am with a pick up directly at our hotel. The transport picked up several others before reaching the pier. We then had to undergo a briefing on the day’s itinerary and safety guidelines before we finally boarded the boat at 9.30am.

Here’s the tour itinerary:
1. Maya Bay
2. Pileh Lagoon & Viking Cave
3. Monkey Beach
4. Phi Phi Don island
5. Loh Samah Bay
6. Khai Nok island

TIP: Prepare non-drowsy motion sickness pills if you are prone to it. It’s going to be a full day tour and the last thing you want is to be sick and drowsy the entire day. I recommend Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger pills which you can get from Watsons.

1. Maya Bay

Phi Phi Island Tour Guide

Here’s our tour guide for the day, Mary. She’s really funny and took good care of us that day.

Phi Phi Island Tour Boat

Everyone’s excited while on the way to Maya Bay and started whipping out cameras, phones, tablets.

Phuket Maya Bay

Phuket Maya Bay Boats

Phuket Maya Bay Tourists

Phuket Maya Bay Crowd

Spotted many speedboats as we approached Maya Bay and I started to have this really bad feeling. It was so crowded! It was impossible for us to take a photo without being photobombed.

Phuket Maya Bay Hut

Phuket Maya Bay View

Phuket Maya Bay Beach

Phuket Maya Bay Rock

Phuket Maya Bay Reef

Nevertheless, we took some photos of ourselves and a hundred strangers for keepsake. Good to bring along a selfie stick!

2. Pileh Lagoon & Viking Cave

Phuket Pileh Lagoon Boat

Phuket Pileh Lagoon

Phuket Pileh Lagoon Water

Phuket Viking Cave

Phuket Viking Cave Boat

The boat passed by Pileh Lagoon and Viking Cave where we could take photos but could not get down.

3. Monkey Beach

Phuket Monkey Beach

Carin With Monkey

This was literally just a beach with monkeys. Please ignore my overexposed face.

4. Phi Phi Don Island

Phuket Phi Phi Don Island

Phuket Phi Phi Don Island Street

We then arrived at Phi Phi Don island for a buffet style lunch. We were famished by then, so no complaints about the food.

5. Loh Samah Bay

Snorkelling time at Loh Samah Bay. Sorry, no photos because I was afraid my phone would get wet. I enjoyed this part the most because you get to see nature’s beauty underwater and have fishes swimming around you.

6. Khai Nok Island

Phuket Khai Nok Island

Phuket Khai Nok Island Chairs

Phuket Khai Nok Island Boats

We arrived at Khai Nok island at 3pm. You can go snorkelling again but we didn’t as we were already dry by then and didn’t want to get wet again. So we rented two beach chairs and just lazed until it was time for us to head back. Yes, you have to pay to sit on those chairs! You also have to pay to go to the toilet.

TIP: Bring some cash along but leave your credit cards at home. You won’t have the chance to swipe them! 😉

My Thoughts

I wouldn’t go on this tour again – once is enough. Maya Bay was a real disappointment as it was way too crowded. Pileh Lagoon, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach were boring. Phi Phi Don island and Khai Nok island were okay for us to kill a few hours. The highlight of the day was snorkelling at Loh Samah Bay but I would rather go on a tour for the sole purpose of snorkelling and skip all the other activities next time.

I’ll also leave you with a list of things to bring along should you be keen in an island tour like this! 🙂

What to bring:
– Cash
– Change of clothes
– Motion sickness pills
– Selfie stick
– Sunglasses
– Sunscreen lotion
– Towel
– Waterproof bag

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