Why I Would Not Recommend Datsumo Labo – Updated Review

Since my post on Datsumo Labo last year, I have had disappointing service experiences with my subsequent visits. Initially, I thought it was going to be a one-off event and that I was probably just unlucky to meet a subpar aesthetician. Unfortunately, subsequent visits made me felt the same way too and hence, I came up with this post for an updated review on Datsumo Labo.

1. Aesthetician left me with a mess of cooling gel

Messy Cooling Gel At Datsumo Labo

Unclean Cooling Gel At Datsumo Labo

Please ignore my fat thigh ya?

I was left with this mess after a full leg hair removal session. There was trails of cooling gel left on my thigh and side of the knee. The aesthetician couldn’t even do a proper clean up! I had to wipe myself clean with wet tissue so my legs wouldn’t be sticky for the rest of the day. Major fail!

2. Scrimping on cold towel

Pathetic Cold Towel At Datsumo Labo

On my 8th visit to Datsumo Labo, the unimaginable happened. For the first 7 visits, 2 cold towels would be used – one wrapped around each leg. On my 8th visit, they decided to use only ONE towel for both legs, and just half-heartedly lay it on top instead of wrapping them around my legs.

This may not be a big issue to some of you, but I see it as inconsistent and impersonal service. Seriously? Do you even have to scrimp on a cold towel? I was baffled beyond words. This was the last straw and I walked out of Datsumo Labo that day feeling utterly disappointed.

3. It is unhygienic

Unhygienic IPL Machine Head At Datsumo Labo

I doubt they clean or disinfect the head of the IPL machine in between customers. It’s just left like that, with all the gooey cooling gel stuck there. If you think a step further, it means that the machine head could be used on someone else’s “O Line” (anus area) or “V Line” (Brazilian area), and then used on your face (upper lips). Are you okay with that?

4. Rush, rush, rush!

Every session I went to felt very rushed. What was supposed to be a 1.5 hours (the room was booked for 1.5 hours) full leg hair removal session was always completed within 45 minutes or less. The whole procedure felt like buying a meal at McDonald’s.

While in the treatment room, you can hear the other aestheticians outside gossiping and chatting away. Thus, it felt like the aesthetician serving me was trying to finish up her job quickly so she can join the fun outside. Whatever it is, the service was terrible.

Alright, end of rant! 🙁

New IPL Machine

Datsumo Labo New IPL Machine

Datsumo Labo IPL Machine 2014

Just to update you ladies, Datsumo Labo started on a new hair removal machine. The blue light it emits is strong, so remember to close your eyes!

My Progress

The 6 sessions of upper leg hair removal that I purchased only managed to rid half of the hair. After I completed the 6 sessions, nobody asked about my progress, or if I was interested to take up more. Basically, there is no follow-up! I have completed 8 out of 12 lower leg hair removal sessions and about 60% of the hair is gone. Let’s hope that they will be all cleared by my 12th session!

I would like to go for upper leg hair removal treatments with other establishments to get rid of the remaining hair. Do you have any places to recommend? Feel free to share your experiences with Datsumo Labo too! 😀

Want to read more? Here are my underarm IPL with Fave Prestige and Brazilian IPL with Lynn Aesthetic experiences.

P.S. I am a paying customer, i.e. this is not an advertorial or sponsorship. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.

Carin Poo

Hello! I grew up reading blogs, and now, blogging lets me share the love around. I offer a glimpse into my simple life, and maybe you can find a different perspective of the things I enjoy. My cat says Hi! :)

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  • Violet

    Great post! Very descriptive and useful. My friend told me about her unpleasant experience with Datsumo Labo. Like you, she heard the staff giggling and engaging in mindless gossip. The employees were persistent about selling a package to her. Hard-selling is such a turn off! I think Datsumo Labo treats a selective group of guests well. Well-known bloggers like Qiu Qiu and Xiaxue are treated like queens, while average Joes like us receive shitty service.

    • Hi Violet, looks like I am not the only one feeling this way! Hope this post helps to paint a more realistic picture of the service level at Datsumo Labo. Thank you for your input! 🙂

  • serena guo

    totally agree with your comment and I was thinking i am the only one.Not to mention that the shared razor is unacceptable.It is totally unacceptable for them for have such low hygiene level and furthermore they do not wear gloves to conduct their services.
    I have done ipl from strip ministry and though there is hard selling and more expensive,I think the every cent i spend there will be more worth it and giving me a peace of mind too.

    • Hi Serena, yes I think practising good hygiene protocol is important especially when they handle intimate areas!

  • Agnes

    Did you get all your hair removed by the 12th session? You mentioned that 60% of your hair was removed. By that do you mean that the hair don’t grow out of the area anymore? And does your hair become thinner after the treatments? 🙂

    • Hi Agnes, I’ve only had 9 sessions done for lower legs (once every 2 months). Yes, hair doesn’t grow out anymore and the remaining hair is also thinner after treatments. 🙂

      • C

        Thank you for sharing this. I was about to sign up for it. I have been reading about the place online and it seems all were paid review and not genuine. Thank you for sharing a real picture for the rest of us.

        I have done my underarm ipl with musee. It takes a while for the hair to be fully removed. I have done 12th session, it now about 90% gone but they still do follow up every 3 mth for me. I signed up for the unlimited session. I supposed for lower leg, it may take longer. You may need to sign a few more sessions.

        Now that datsumo labo is a disappointment, I’m wondering if I should go musee for my upper and lower leg hair remover. They are rather pricey at musee.

  • Mel

    Was searching for Brazilian IPL reviews online and am so glad I came across your blog! There’s been loads of tempting deals on Groupon but I’ve read so many bad stuff everything seems dodgy to me now.
    Is there a place you would recommend for Brazilian IPL now?
    Anyway I hope you’ve found a good place to stick to 🙂

  • Reader

    May I know how much your paid for your ipl session for leg? Thanks!

    • Hi, I paid $265 for 12 sessions of lower leg hair removal and six sessions of upper leg hair removal. 🙂

  • Beautyundercover

    Hello there

    I’m Agent G from Beauty Undercover, a website reviewing beauty salons in Singapore 🙂

    While searching online, we came across your blog commenting on Datsumo Labo.

    Would you mind if we publish an excerpt of your blog post and link to your page here: http://www.beautyundercover.sg/face-and-body/datsumo-labo-international-building/

    Your blog post would help others know more about an experience at the salon, make a better salon decision and at the same time, increase your blog traffic.

    Let us know 🙂 and hope you have a great week ahead.


    Agent G

    • Hi Agent G, sure thing. 🙂

  • Adawiya

    Hi! I know this is 2 years later but I came across your blog while googling about Datsumo Labo and yours is the only review that is not paid. Just wondering did you get all your hair removed by the 12th session?

    • Hi Adawiya, I would say it is about 90% gone and the hair that is remaining is also very thin and not noticeable. 🙂

  • Sheen

    I do not recommend Musee Platinum as well. A painful and frustrating experience with high level of difficulty in trying to book just one appointment within 2 months interval after 2 – 3 sessions, and I still continue until I’m so upset and decided to forfeit some unused treatments as results are ineffective. Hygiene wise, don’t even mention. Cheap, but beware as it is too good to be true. I requested for refund of half of my package base on their policy, hopfully they’ll be quick to refund me. After been to 4 different branded IPL salons over the years, Musee is the worst (sigh).

    • Hi Sheen, I’ve not tried Musee but definitely good to know how it’s like! 🙂