Tips To Simplify Your Online Shopping

Why I Started Shopping Online

Do you do your shopping online? Yes, I do – ALL the time. As a 9 to 5 office lady, I personally find it more convenient to do my shopping online. For example, I can make use of little pockets of idle time while commuting or during lunch break to do some shopping. This allows me to spend more of my weekday evenings and weekends on quality time with my loved ones.

It all started about 7 years ago when I gingerly made my first purchase online, and now I do it without batting an eyelid. I’ve bought all sorts of things, ranging from the usual clothes, shoes, and bags, to the more unusual items like Polaroid camera and garment steamer. I know, right?? Who buys a garment steamer online?!

Buy Garment Steamer Online

Received my garment steamer in good order! โœŒ

I make an average of 8 purchases per month and of course, there are hits and misses. However, I am proud to say that 95% of my loots turn up and turn out well! The remaining 5% are mainly due to colour difference and sizing issue. Have you ever came across an item online that you reallyย like but felt uncertain purchasing it? Let me share some tips to simplify your shopping experience! ๐Ÿ˜€

5 Tips to Simplify Your Online Shopping Experience

Join Mailing List


1. Subscribe to mailing lists

This is the easiest way to be kept informed of new product launches and promotions. What’s more, retailers often send out eCoupons or discount codes to those on their mailing list! Fret not, you can always unsubscribe should you change your mind.

I usually look through these emails in the morning while I commute to work. If anything interesting catches my eye, I can immediately do some shopping, or take note of the time that the product will be launched.

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Free Email Accounts


2. Get an email account specifically for promotional emails

This is with reference to the first point. Don’t clutter your personal mailbox with all the promotional emails. Simply sign up for another email account and use it solely for all your shopping stuff.

I get an average of 25 promotional emails daily. Call me crazy, whatever haha! Even though I get quite a number of such emails, they don’t bother me as I can always choose to disregard the shopping email account when I’m busy, and focus my time on reading my personal (and more important) emails.


New Products Coming Soon


3. Look through new product previews

When previews for upcoming products are available, look through them. It will give you an idea of what to expect for the new arrivals, and see if you fancy any. If yes, you can set aside time to catch the launch. Furthermore, you can even plan ahead and put aside some of your shopping budget for the items!

There are times when two retailers are launching similar items which I am intending to get. The product previews come in really handy in situations like this, as I can take my time to analyse which option is better before I make my purchase.


How To Measure Clothes


4. Keep your size measurements handy

Go through your wardrobe and pick out your favourite pieces of clothings which fit you to a T. Take down the measurements and save them in a note on your mobile phone, or somewhere convenient. Better still, record the numbers in different units of measurement! It will definitely come in handy when you are browsing through products and feel uncertain of which size to take. Do this for your shoes as well!

Besides my own measurements, I also keep a record of the measurements of my loved one. It has come in useful many times when I came across something I thought was nice and wanted to get for him, but wasn’t sure which size is right. ๐Ÿ˜‰


White Cream Clothes


5. Avoid “unsafe” items

There are some items which I will avoid buying online. For example, jeans are a no-no for me as I am very particular about the fit and length, and it is difficult to judge the fit based on photos or measurements. Likewise, I avoid purchasing high heels online as I need to try them on and see if they are comfortable for my blister prone feet.

Over the years, I have also learnt to avoid white and cream colours for apparel. There were times when I received my goods and white turned out to be cream, or cream turned out to be (dirty) yellowish white. As I personally prefer my apparel to be in clean white colour, I am now more cautious when it comes to this colour.


I hope these tips would help to make your online shopping experience more pleasant! Are you an avid online shopper as well? Do you have any ideas to share? Drop me a comment below! ๐Ÿ™‚

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