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After deciding to stop my acne treatment with Dr. Chan, I started looking out for products to manage my acne condition. I’m still having repetitive breakouts mostly on the chin area, which is very frustrating! *pulls hair*

Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel Review

Mentholatum Oxy Cover


Initially, I was using OXY Cover on my blemishes and felt that it was too drying for my skin as it contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. Then I came across Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel and decided to give it a try.


  • Naturally and gently reduces redness and swelling
  • Promotes natural healing without drying the skin
  • Free from parabens, artificial colourings and fragrances
  • Homeopathic remedy


Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel Packaging Box Front

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Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel Packaging Box Back

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Here’s how the packaging box looks like.

Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel Metal Tube

It comes in a metal tube. I’m particular about squeezing the tube from the top so that it looks neater, but Marcus doesn’t bother and squeezes it at the bottom part or anywhere he likes.

Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel Used Metal Tube

And so… the tube of gel looks squashed up and wrinkled now. -_-

Anyway, I have no issue with it coming in a metal tube as I can easily squeeze out the desired amount onto my finger or a cotton bud.


Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Clear Gel

It is a clear gel and bears a light smell of tea tree oil, which is one of its ingredients. It is very easy to apply and glides on smoothly onto the skin.

How To Use:

Cleanse skin thoroughly and apply onto pimple as often as required. You can also apply it onto blemish prone areas as a preventive measure, especially for ladies when it’s approaching your time-of-the-month and you’re likely to get a zit or two.


Active Ingredients:

  • Arnica montana extract (Alleviates soreness and aching)
  • Calendula extract (Promotes healing)
  • Hypericum extract (Relieves minor nerve pain)
  • Sulfur (Alleviates itching)

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Tea tree oil,  Trolamine, Carbomer, Limonene, Linalool.


  • It calms my blemishes without drying the skin, so I felt more at ease applying it as frequently as I wish.
  • It is a clear gel, meaning I can apply it underneath my makeup.


  • It may give you a slight tingling sensation if you have sensitive skin, or when your pimple has “popped”.

Price: ≈S$7
Volume: 30g/1oz
Where To Buy: (Click on link for product page)

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My Verdict

This is an affordable pimple remedy, and I like that it comes in the form of a clear gel. If you often find your skin drying up from other acne products, I would recommend you to try this as it is really more gentle on the skin. No more flaky skin! 😀

P.S. I paid for the product, i.e. this is not an advertorial or sponsorship. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.

UPDATE (Nov 2014):
I have since found a solution to control my acne! Read more about my review on the DKR Regimen.

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  • Dr chan customer

    Hello Carin! I was googling on dr chan’s clinic and stumbled upon yours. I just started his regime, and I would like to ask, doesn’t his cleanser make you dry out?

    • Hi there! Actually, I find Dr. Chan’s cleanser gentle and doesn’t make my skin tight after washing. I’ve used before two of his cleansers, in blue and green liquid form. Both doesn’t dry my skin. Is your cleanser either blue or green?

      • Dr chan’s customer

        Hello! Not sure if my prev reply came through, but I’ve been using the green one! My first is not that oily so I only find trouble once I want to use make up. How do you use powder w no moisture! It’s so hard to keep up without moisturizer

        • For my case, it was actually the night cream that caused my skin to be dry. So when my skin was peeling, Dr. Chan asked me to use this “UDM cream” until the dryness gets better.

          Does your skin feels tight immediately after cleansing? If no, it could be the night cream that’s causing the dryness.

          Yes, flaky skin makes it really difficult to put on makeup! Probably you can consult Dr. Chan about your dry skin on your next visit? Hope this helps! 🙂

          • Dr chan’s customer

            Hello! No tightness after wash, only flakiness when I wear makeup. Im only on my second week of treatment with tetracycline and facial wash. Do you cheat sometimes by putting on acne on the spot treatment? haha Btw does the night cream helps with the acne dark spots? Thank you for your reply! Assurance that Dr Chan’s products do work

          • I’ve not taken tetracycline before, so I guess we’re on different treatments. No, I didn’t use this acne gel while on Dr. Chan’s treatment. I’m not sure about dark spots, but the night cream was supposed to help with acne scars.

            Since you’re only two weeks into his treatment, I think you should give it some time. You can also let him know about the dryness on your next visit and see how he can help you cope with it. 🙂

  • Chen Hope Mi

    Hi! Does it help with scar alleviation and what do you use for that? And have you tried the body shop tea tree oil? How does it compare? :] Thank you in advance!

    P.S. About braces, i do like the baby pink braces. Am doing mine at Alfred Cheng Dental Clinic too! Am on my 4th month too!

    • Hi Hope! I don’t think this acne gel helps with scar alleviation. I’m currently trying to keep my breakouts under control first before I concentrate on scar reduction. Sorry, I haven’t tried The Body Shop tea tree oil before so I can’t make a comparison.

      I do like the baby pink braces too, but they get stained easily. I’m trying out different colours haha. Anyway, thanks for reading and all the best for your braces! 🙂

  • Sabrina

    Hi! do local sg pharmacies sell this? (:

    • Hi Sabrina, unfortunately I’ve not seen this acne gel in local pharmacies. Hope this helps! 🙂