IPL Review – Lynn Aesthetic

After my terrible Brazilian IPL experience with Elegance The Beauty Retreat, I decided to try out Lynn Aesthetic as it’s located near my place.

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Lynn Aesthetic

I purchased the two year unlimited Brazilian IPL hair removal voucher with Lynn Aesthetic from JuzToday. Deals for Brazilian IPL hair removal come by less often and when I saw that Lynn Aesthetic was situated near my place, I decided to give it a try.

The Place

Lynn Aesthetic is located just a 5 minutes walk from Kovan MRT station. If you are familiar with Kovan, it is beside the bowling alley. Lynn Aesthetic occupies two stories. On the first level, there’s the reception area and two treatment rooms. On the second level, there’s a waiting area and more treatment rooms.

Lynn Aesthetic Kovan Interior

Lynn Aesthetic Kovan Decor

Lynn Aesthetic Kovan Staircase

Here’s the second level. It’s dimly lit to create that cosy, relaxing ambience. The beauty salon is also nicely decorated and feels like home.

Lynn Aesthetic Kovan Waiting Area

Lynn Aesthetic Kovan Wall Decoration

Lynn Aesthetic Kovan Side Table

The waiting area consists of two lounge chairs and a side table with snacks for you to munch on while waiting. I’m pretty impressed that small details like these have been taken into consideration by Lynn Aesthetic.

Lynn Aesthetic Kovan Dressing Table

There’s also a dressing table for you to prep yourself before leaving the place. From tissue, hair dryer, contact lens solution, contact lens case to cotton pads, they have it all! Again, I’m impressed that they thought of all these teeny tiny things. It’s these small gestures that count!

Sorry for the dark pictures. The place was dimly lit and hence, the pictures didn’t turn out very well.

The Brazilian IPL Treatment

I paid $98 for two year unlimited Brazilian IPL hair removal at Lynn Aesthetic. They charge $25 for numbing cream per session. You can choose not to apply the numbing cream if you can deal with the pain. As the Brazilian area is more sensitive, I decided to play safe and opted to have the numbing cream.

The beautician would shave off the area before applying the numbing cream. The numbing cream would be left on for about 45 minutes to take effect. After which, the IPL treatment would be performed.

My Brazilian IPL Review

The IPL treatment covers the Brazilian area and is painful on the inner region. Despite the pain, it has been pretty effective and I’m seeing results. However, I do feel the pinch on the $25 for numbing cream per session and hope it can be cheaper.

I always book my next appointment with the same beautician who serves me and there were two to three times when I turned up and someone else served me instead. This aspect should be improved on as I did make an appointment with my preferred beautician and I wasn’t informed that it would be changed. Besides this, I have no major complaints with the service at Lynn Aesthetic.

Lynn Aesthetic
Block 211 #01-317
Hougang Street 21
Singapore 530211
Tel: 6289 8901
Website: http://www.lynnaesthetic.com.sg/

P.S. I am a paying customer, i.e. this is not an advertorial or sponsorship. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.

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  • joan chen

    Hi, is the IPL with them really good? And is the hair permanently gone?? Is their usual price expensive?

    • Hi Joan, I have undergone 17 sessions with them and the hair is about 90% gone. I personally feel that IPL at most places are similar, but it is the service that differentiates them. I am pretty satisfied with their service thus far. I am not sure about their usual price, you can call them up to enquire? 🙂

  • Hi Dawn, I went once every month. Yes, my package has ended and I’m happy with the results as about 90% of the hair has been removed. 6 sessions is not enough to see results – you would definitely need more than that. 🙂