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Dr Chan Clinic at Kovan

I’ve been seeing Dr. Chan for my acne condition since 2002. Yes, it’s been 12 years! Back then, Dr. Chan was still located at Ponggol Clinic (address below). In 2007, he left Ponggol Clinic and set up a clinic of his own, named after himself. That’s a brief history of how Dr Chan Clinic (address below) came about.

UPDATE (Nov 2014):
I have since found a solution to control my acne! Read more about my review on the DKR Regimen.

My Acne Condition

Carin Acne Breakout

What was I thinking back then?! Tsk tsk, I grew up with ZERO fashion sense.

Puberty was not kind to me and I began to have serious acne! Yes, that’s me with awful fashion sense and an even worse complexion back in 2002. I had breakouts all over my face – cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. It was a nightmare, and my self-esteem suffered. I dared not look into mirrors as I would cringe whenever I saw how bad my complexion was. Waking up to a new pimple every day was simply demoralising, and I was at my wits’ end! 🙁

Ponggol Clinic

Ponggol Clinic

Credit: www.st701.com

My mom decided to bring me to Ponggol Clinic, and that’s how I was introduced to Dr. Chan. It’s a simple neighbourhood clinic and I would say 50% of the patients were there for skin problems.

Dr. Chan used a three-pronged approach for my acne issue: cream, cleanser, and medicine. I was instructed to wash my face four times a day. Other than his cream and cleanser, basically you can’t put anything else on your face. No toner, moisturiser, sunblock, nor facials. I was young then and didn’t have a skincare regime and hence, the things he ruled out was not an issue for me. After a few months, I saw improvement in my acne condition, and so I continued visiting Ponggol Clinic.

Shifting to Dr Chan Clinic

Dr Chan Clinic At Kovan

In 2007, Dr. Chan left Ponggol Clinic. I think he has established quite a following over the years and I believe many patients, like me, followed him to his new clinic. He continued using the same three-pronged approach for my acne issue: cream, cleanser, and medicine. Likewise, I was told to wash my face four times a day and besides his cream and cleanser, you’re not supposed to use any toner, moisturiser, sunblock, nor facials.

My Review After 12 Years

1. Affordable price

Dr. Chan is pretty affordable as compared to other clinics I’ve read about. The most I’ve paid is approximately $150 for a month’s supply of cream, cleanser, and medicine. As you gradually require less medication, the bill will also decrease accordingly.

TIP: Dr Chan Clinic accepts CASH ONLY. You can’t pay with NETS nor credit cards. Hence, make sure you have enough cash on hand!

2. Reasonable waiting time

The waiting time is manageable (at most two hours?) as compared to the crazy 5-8 hours I’ve heard of at other clinics. The busier times are on weekday nights and weekends. So if you are a student or have flexible working hours, go on a weekday morning or afternoon to avoid the crowd.

3. My concern on Acnotin

Acnotin 10

Click to view image in full size
Credit: www.apclinic.blogspot.com

One of the medicine I was prescribed was Acnotin (also known as Accutane) in 10 mg. I started with 3 capsules per week and gradually reduced to 1 capsule per week. The main purpose was to reduce the oiliness of my skin. Does it work? Yes. When I was consuming 3 capsules per week, my skin was really less oily. The reduced sebum production also helped to keep pimples at bay.

However, I had to sign an indemnity agreement at Dr Chan Clinic when I was first put on the medication. The agreement serves to show that I am aware I should not be pregnant while consuming Acnotin, and that I would not share the medication with anyone else. When you have to sign a document like this, it goes to show that the medicine can bring about adverse side effects. I’ve been on this medication for several years and would like to stop. I do not want to become dependent on it and also want to give myself a few years for the medication to be rid from my body system, just in case for any future plans.

You can read up on Acnotin and its side effects online. There’s tons of materials out there for you to explore and judge for yourself if you want to use it to control your acne condition.

4. Reduced efficacy after several years

The first few years with Dr. Chan were good. I saw a gradual improvement in my acne condition and my skin was under control. Of course, please don’t expect your skin to clear up overnight. It takes time for the medicine and products to take effect.

There were about 2-3 times when my skin was good enough to be put off medicine. However, breakouts returned to haunt me after a few months and I had to be put back on medication again. Sigh, that feeling sucks!

Dr Chan Clinic Night Face Cream

Tub of cream placed beside a lipstick for you to gauge the size

I also feel that Dr. Chan’s cream no longer works on my skin. It’s a night cream that comes in a white tub and is supposed to help with acne scars. I was told to finish one tub per month, but I never managed to and Dr. Chan would always ask me to apply more. Yet the more I applied, the drier my skin became, and the more blemishes I had. It’s a vicious cycle and I was fed up.

5. A template solution for everyone

After these 12 years, Dr. Chan’s method of dealing with acne hasn’t changed much. It’s still the three-pronged approach (cream, cleanser, and medicine), wash face four times daily, and don’t use any toner, moisturiser, sunblock, nor facials. When I introduced my friends to the clinic, it seems that they received more or less the same stuff. Does this template solution works for everyone? It worked for me in the beginning years, but not anymore unfortunately.

I also find it a challenge to stick to Dr. Chan’s “rules”. I tried, but didn’t always managed to wash my face four times a day. On average, I wash my face 2-3 times a day. For those who put on makeup to work, it’s going to be a chore having to remove their makeup in the middle of the day and cleanse the face. Don’t you think so?

In addition, I start to question the rationale behind not using any toner, moisturiser, and sunblock. Isn’t a proper skincare regime which includes toning and moisturising important for healthy skin?

Moving On…

Every consultation with Dr. Chan takes less than 30 seconds for me. Yes, you heard me right. Sometimes, I’m in and out of the consultation room within 10 seconds flat. He didn’t take the time to explain the rationale behind his “rules”, nor did he explain what each product or medicine is supposed to do. Sometimes I’ll pop a question occasionally, but I still feel like a product on a conveyor belt waiting to be processed as quickly as possible.

Dr Chan Clinic Face Cleanser

Bottle of cleanser placed beside a lipstick for you to gauge the size

This alienated feeling together with the reduced efficacy of Dr. Chan’s treatment has led to my decision to stop using both his night cream and medication. His cleanser is a very gentle green coloured cleanser that lathers well. I like it as it does not leave my skin feeling tight, so I will continue using it until I find something better.

Dr. Chan Kum Mun
Dr Chan Clinic Pte Ltd
212 Hougang Street 21 #01-327
Singapore 530212
Tel: 6288 2340
Mon-Tue: 0830-1200 1400-1630 1815-2000
Wed-Thu: 0830-1200 1400-1630
Fri-Sun: 0830-1200
Closed on PH and last weekend (Fri-Sun) of the month

Ponggol Clinic
23 Hougang Avenue 3 #01-283
Singapore 530023
Tel: 6280 2585
Weekdays (except Thu): 0800-1200 1400-1630 1800-2000
Thu: 0800-1200 1400-1630
Sat-Sun: 0800-1200
Closed on PH

P.S. I am a paying customer, i.e. this is not an advertorial or sponsorship. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.


Carin Acne

Meow Meow likes to sit in paper bags and I like to carry her around in them. Childish, I know haha!

This is my current skin condition. I have combination skin, which is oily on the T-zone and dry on the cheeks and chin. I also have enlarged pores on and beside my nose. I still get zits once in awhile, especially on the chin area. I’ve since focused more on hydration and find that it helps. In addition, I have faint acne scars on my cheeks which give me a blusher effect but come on, it’s actually scars. 🙁

Honestly, I’m not even hoping for perfect, flawless, dewy looking skin. I’m just hoping to find a solution for my acne problem, which I’ve been dealing with for years.

Is anyone in the same plight as me?
Do you have any doctors or products to recommend?
Please leave a comment or drop me an email to share your thoughts! 😀

UPDATE (Nov 2014):
I have since found a solution to control my acne! Read more about my review on the DKR Regimen.

Carin Poo

Hello! I grew up reading blogs, and now, blogging lets me share the love around. I offer a glimpse into my simple life, and maybe you can find a different perspective of the things I enjoy. My cat says Hi! :)

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  • Sheryl

    Hi Carin,

    I chanced upon your blog while googling about Acnotin. While reading your post, I was nodding so much because I totally agree with your words! I suffer from mild (but persistent) acne and have some scars, and recently decided to go to Dr Chan after heading good reviews about him. I was first given two weeks worth of trimozaxole and prednisolone, which did improve my skin by quite a fair bit. When I went back yesterday, I was prescribed Acnotin 10 and Ermycin, and I was really bummed because of the medication. I was also worried about side effects of all these drugs.

    Nonetheless, I’m going to stick to the medication and see how it goes. it’s too early to tell whether Acnotin 10 will work for me but I do hope it will! I read that you took it for years? I think that it’s really brave of you because the side effects of Acnotin are really terrifying and it already scares me even though I’ve been eating it for just a day.

    I totally agree with what you said about the consultations and “methods”. The consultations are really short… but I guess he has tons of patients so he has to make it quick, but it does feel very “un-personal”. Most of my friends also received the same medicine but i guess it kinda works for everyone in a way? After googling extensively about all these drugs, even skin specialists at NSC also give their patients these few drugs so I guess we are on the right track.

    I just really hope that I can be off medication soon, given that my skin condition is mild. The medicine that he gave me two weeks ago pretty much cleared everything already, except some small bumps and “blackheads on my chin”, according to him. Hence, the acnotin 10. I haven’t gotten to the step of the cream yet.

    I have a question though. While reading your other posts, I noticed you went for IPL. Were you on Acnotin when you did your IPL? Is it dangerous to be on medication while doing IPL because I was planning to go for my IPL session and they had briefed me before to not be on medication prior to the session.

    Also, being on Acnotin for so long, did you have any long-term side effects?

    It’s funny because just yesterday I wrote a post about my acne journey: http://withlovesheryl.blogspot.sg/2013/12/the-arduous-journey-to-seek-perfect.html
    I sound kind of pissed there but i was mostly upset that I had to take more meds.

    Thanks for writing this informative post. I really learnt more from your post and hope that you share more about your acne journey!

    Take care,

    • Hello Sheryl! Happy to hear from you. 🙂

      Yes, I took Acnotin for several years and fortunately, did not experience much side effects other than dry lips. If you have dry lips too, I would recommend you to apply a thick layer of lip balm overnight when you sleep and you’ll wake up to smoother lips. This works for me!

      Actually, I started on Acnotin as an uninformed consumer because I didn’t read up too much on it and didn’t realise that it’s also known as “Accutane”, which I believe is the more widely used term for it. But since it was working, I decided to continue. It’s really good that you are not like me and am doing your “homework” on these medicines you’re consuming! *Pats back* haha

      Yes, I was on Acnotin when I did IPL. I did point out to the beautician at Datsumo Labo that I was under medication for my complexion and she didn’t stop me or anything, so I think it’s okay? I have also not experienced anything weird.

      I’ve read your post and you are so funny! I can feel your angst for those pills you’re consuming haha. It’s kind of ironic that we don’t feel secure eating them, and yet we still eat them. All for the sake of beauty eh?

      I will definitely share more on my acne care when I try out new stuff along the way. Since your condition is mild, I believe it would clear up soon and you can have better skin for CNY! Please do update on Part 2 after a few months to share your progress! I’m really glad that you shared your experience and that I’m not fighting the acne battle alone. 🙂

      Fellow acne battler,

      • Sheryl

        Hi Carin,

        So glad you replied!

        Actually I would properly describe my skin to be mild- moderate. I used to have tons of breakouts (and scars) when I was younger, but as I grew older, my acne is mostly concentrated at the lower part of my face. I think it’s hormonal acne but I’m not too sure. Even though I have bangs, my forehead is almost always clear, and so is my nose (save for the usual blackheads or clogged pores that thankfully never really break out). But wow, my cheeks, chin and recently my jawline is quite bad. Sometimes I would have the occasional huge papule, but mostly it’s tons of pimples and bouts of small bumps. I also have a lot of scars around the area so the whole area just looks red and angry most of the time. It’s like a cycle that never ends. I don’t even step out of the house without concealer and some foundation/powder.

        But yes, they all somehow cleared up ever since the doctor prescribed me Trimozaxole and Prednisolone. I was frankly very thankful because actually to me, that’s like a freaking miracle as compared to my skin two weeks ago, even though I have some scars but the meds worked.

        But now it’s Acnotin and Ermycin. I’m really praying that my body would be okay with the drugs and not react too violently to it or something.

        Also, I shall go ahead with my upcoming IPL appointment! Good to know that everything is fine for you so it should be okay for me too!

        And yes, it’s super ironic, the insecurity and yet, the desire to have good skin. I asked myself several times why I subjected myself to the medicines, all for good skin, but frankly, I guess it’s worth it. Nothing beats feeling confident in your own skin. Nothing. I’m so glad your skin cleared up too, seeing from the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos in your post!

        I would love to hear more about your skincare routine. I’ve always wondered what happens to the people who finish the medication. Also, when you were on Acnotin, did you apply anything on your face? Any topical creams/medication etc. I know the doctor said no moisturiser/ whatsoever but I’m just curious!

        I would definitely update Part 2 in the upcoming weeks and perhaps then I would upload some photos to show the progress 😀

        I’m really glad to have found your blog!
        Looking forward to your posts.

        Take care,

        • Hello Sheryl,

          My acne is also mostly concentrated on my chin for now. On days when the acne gets bad, I have to put on even more concealer to hide the blemishes, and this usually makes it even worse. On good skin days, I let my skin breathe (meaning no make up) and usually it will get even better. It’s like a cycle, so I would suggest you to let your skin rest on some days. I know it’s easier said than done, but I find that it helps. Also, make sure to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup and never ever sleep with it. Imagine all the dirt and oil stuck on the face after a day out. Eww…

          My skin is actually nowhere near perfect now, but it has been a great improvement from my teenage years, so I am thankful. When I was on Acnotin, I just applied Dr. Chan’s night cream on the scar areas. Towards the end, I did use Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion during the day because the night cream was making my skin really dry and flaky.

          Actually, I don’t have much of a skincare routine. I just use Dr. Chan’s cleanser, Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion as toner and Hada Labo Hydrating Milk as moisturiser. Once a week, I’ll put on Laneige Water Sleeping Pack to sleep. As you can see, I’m concentrating mostly on hydration and I find that it helps.

          You can subscribe to my blog (top right of page) to be updated on new posts. I’m looking forward to your posts too! Hope you’ll make good progress in the weeks to come. Stay positive! 🙂

          Fellow acne battler,

          • Sheryl

            Hi Carin,

            I just subscribed to your mailing list! Looking forward to new posts.

            Today is my third day of the new medication and I’m beginning to have what the acne community call an “initial breakout” (IB). The bumps that my previous meds took away are slowly creeping back 🙁 My body has begun to ache quite a fair bit as well and I even had a super vivid dream which wasn’t very pleasant. My skin is actually more oily than… dry? Maybe it’s just my body getting over the “purging” process or something.

            Felt a bit discouraged because it feels like I’m slipping back after making some improvement, but it’s okay, I am going to try to stay positive.

            I shall observe my skin for a week or so before blogging about it. Thanks for your tips and encouragement, it means a lot to me right now. Dark times, these are. Hahahaha okay now I’m being melodramatic.

            Take care,

          • Hello Sheryl, yes I believe you’re in the initial purging process which is pretty common. Hang in there and stay positive! 🙂

          • Mena da

            I don’t know why? After I take Acnotin 10 , my face increase acne a lot. Shoul I go on to take it or not ?

          • Hi Mena, it’s pretty common to experience a purging stage when you first start on Acnotin. I would say go on taking the medication and keep your dermatologist updated on your condition. He would be in a better position to advise on your next step. Hope this helps! 😉

          • Mena da

            Thanks for your reply.

          • Mena da

            I want to show face.

          • Mena da

            2 week ago that I take Acnotin 10 but it does not work. However, my face increase acne.

  • liyun

    I dont have any acne problems. But i am having problems with my legs! I have been sahaving my legs for years until abt 6 mths back my leg began to have rashes and this leave my leg with really ugly scar and leave me with no confidence in wearing dress, skirt nor shorts which would expose my legs. I have visited the doctors at ponggol clinc. I applied their cream and i dunno what went wrong suddenly both my legs seemsto become kinda tanned went back to see the doctor again
    Give me some medications but my leg seems to be having discolouration and the medication does not really work for me. I feel so depress when i look at my leg
    I dunno if i shld visit dr chan or national skim center is a better choice for me.

    • Hello Liyun!

      If I were you, I would go to the National Skin Centre for the simple reason that there would be more specialists there to help with your skin condition. I went to Dr. Chan for my acne condition and thus, I’m not sure how experienced he is at treating other skin conditions. I personally feel that going to NSC would be a safer choice.

      Thank you for reading and I hope your legs would recover real soon. Stay positive! 🙂

  • anonymous

    Hey Carin! Just like you, I was given a cleanser, pills and cream after visiting Dr Chan. in your post, you mention that for the cream “Yet the more I applied, the drier my skin became, and the more blemishes I had.” I think I’m facing the same situation as you. I tried applying the cream but it seems like isnt effective at all? And I think it just causes more blemishes/brownish marks on my face. So did you stop using the cream afterwards? For how long did you use the cream until you choose to stop using it? Thanks!

    • Hello there! I struggled with the cream for about 2-3 months before I finally gave up and concluded that it was simply not working for me. I’m not using the cream anymore. Hope this helps and thanks for reading! 🙂

      • Kathleen

        Hi Carin, I’ve been using Dr Chan’s cream too. Recently I realize it hasnt really have much impact on me anymore. Just to ask, after you’ve stopped using his cream, did any side effects surface? And are you still using his cleanser now?

        • Hi Kathleen! I didn’t experience any side effects after I stopped using Dr. Chan’s cream. I’m also not using his cleanser anymore, though I personally quite like it as it’s very gentle. Hope this helps and thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Stella

    Actually that’s why you shouldn’t have gone to a GP to get one of the most adverse side effect causing drugs. Accutane is the last resort solution to acne condition treatment. And it’s not a medicine to be on an off again, definitely not a pill to be on for years at all, NOT AT ALL. Accutane requires very meticulously planned duration and tailored dosage depending on the patients’ condition by your doctor. Obviously he really did harm to you by just making this class A drug for acne to be not effective anymore for you to begin with the damages of including several others such as time and efforts etc. In ideal or at least much better situation, you should have benefited and probably permanently could have addressed your issue by starting 10-20mg/day and gradually decreasing the dosage to reduce the relapse chance for about 9-10 months, maximum. Now you should go and visit consultant or senior consultant dermatologist to explain all your situation and the medicine history plus check your blood result (living function test). I’d advise your to take milk thistle to aid your liver and detox. Of course to do this once you’re off the Accutane.

    • Hi Stella! Oh dear, I am really under-informed on Accutane and its proper course of treatment. I’m already off Accutane since four months back. I agree that a health screening would help to ease my mind at this point of time.

      Have you also been put on Accutane? Anyway, thank you for the in-depth information which one should definitely be aware of before embarking on Accutane. I appreciate it! 🙂

      • Stella

        I haven’t been on Accutane but studied about it pretty well cause my family member is suffering from pimples. I’d strongly advice you to go and get comprehensive liver function test then along with the result go see a senior consultant dermatologist. The simple reason being is that dermatologists with over 15yrs min experience would give you better advise plus they know well about Accutane. Hope it helps. And eating fairly healthy is for your overall health so keep that in mind. Best luck.

        • Thanks for the heads up! At the end of the day, health is of utmost importance. I hope that your input would also help other readers to better discern for themselves whether or not to start on Accutane. 😉

  • Rae Lee

    Hey everyone, consider going to Jurong Day & Night Clinic or Bedok Day & Night Clinic, both owned by Dr Wong. He is a very patient and encouraging man who will take the time to go through every single detail and step with you. I visited him 3 years ago, and now I go to him ONLY for everything – illnesses, skin, weight loss, etc. He really does care for his patients, and will even advise you against certain treatments or medicines that he sells depending on your health and needs. I started (and have completed) Acnotin with him, and he advised that it does last a very long time, but due to lifestyle changes, eating habits or even just your own body’s changes as you age, the effect may change as you age. Even weight loss or gain will affect the effect of the treatment. My fiance was on the same treatment and he ended a month earlier as he was slightly smaller in size (more muscle tone though), and while my results even after ending treatment was maintained, he will still get a spot once every few months due to stress or long hours at work. Hope this helps everyone!

    • Hi Rae, thanks for your input! May I know if Dr. Wong himself is at the Jurong or Bedok clinic?

      • Rae Lee

        I happened to revisit your website and saw that you had replied 10 months ago! I’m so sorry I never replied you, I hadn’t know there was a reply. He moves between both of his clinics. Certain days at Jurong and certain days at Bedok.

        Great that I came back to your page though. I can update that 10 months down, my skin is still quite clear and good. Only that it’s started to get oily and I’ll have occasional breakouts of very small pimples (very tiny pimples, but the skin does get a bit reddened), and this is normally when my hormones change (i.e. time of the month!).

        Not surprising, he did mention that nothing is permanent, but my skin overall has improved a great deal. I recently visited another doctor as I have moved out of Jurong and into Toa Payoh, and am on another type of medication for my skin. But since I have been on Acnotin before, I only need to take this whenever I find my skin is getting out of hand, e.g., too oily or maybe having some breakouts. Helps to maintain!

        Sorry again for the late reply!

        • Hi Rae, it’s good to hear that your skin is now under control! 🙂

  • Marshely

    Hi Carin
    May I know was your acne itchy back then? Did you have little bumps on your face?

    • Hi Marshely! No, my acne wasn’t itchy, and they were more of like angry zits instead of little bumps. I guess our acne condition is different? Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Marshely

        Thank you for replying! 🙂
        May I know how long did the purging effect took ? >.< Kinda worried about that..

        • Hi Marshely, I can’t recall how long was the purging as it was really long ago. I first consulted Dr. Chan 12 years back.

          The purging effect is different for everyone and it also greatly depends on what type of medicine you are prescribed. Don’t worry too much about the purging and give up too soon. Give your skin some time to clear up! 🙂

          • Marshely

            Thank you for your advice!
            I’m not really consulting Dr Chan. I went for Punggol Clinic instead, and my doctor is a lady. She sounds very determined to make my skin better, and I do hope she means it.
            I would probably drop by to ask your questions from time to time during my medication >.< Hope you don't mind.
            you have an awesome blog btw! If it weren't for your blog I wouldn't have had the courage to finally seek medical treatment for my face condition.
            Thank you very much! 🙂

          • Hi Marshely, feel free to ask questions and I’ll try my best to help. I’m sure we all want to have good complexion! 😉

          • Marshely

            Hi Carin,
            I’m prescribed with Nigemen instead of Acnotin, but I’m sure they are actually the same cause that was what I was informed.
            Just wanted to know when does the purging take place? Does it come during the first few weeks? I have read that the purging effect might take up to 5 months 🙁 How long did yours took?

          • Hi Marshely, I can’t recall when did the purging take place for me as it was really long ago. For my case, it took around half a year before I saw significant improvement in my complexion. Patience is key! 🙂

          • marshely

            I see T_T
            I hv only taken it for a week and my skin has alr started purging. may I know how long were you on Acnotin? How bad was the side effects on you?
            I had started on the mood swings 🙁

          • I was on Acnotin for about half a year twice. I had dry lips but it really helped to keep my skin less oily.

            You can read http://dayre.me/steffyduffyy/1c8bYt2nG5 and http://dayre.me/steffyduffyy/axGmUf6qL2. This lady is currently on medication and shared her experience. May be helpful to you. 🙂

  • Ivy

    Hi Carin.
    I am also one of Dr Chan’s patient and have been taking acnotin for 9 months. But I stopped taking recently without informing the doctor. Did you inform him when you decided to stop? Because I don’t intend to go back anymore.

    • Hi Ivy, I didn’t inform Dr. Chan and don’t intend to go back anymore too. Did the medicine work for you? May I know why you decided to stop? 🙂

      • Ivy

        I believe the medicine works for me, my face didn’t feel oily ever since I took it and it cleared up my face quite a lot too. Though there’s still some that didn’t really cleared up. But I decided to stop because of the side effects. I didn’t knew about those until I have back pains and dizziness and there was even a time when I couldn’t see or hear anything because I almost fainted. Well, I figured out health was more important than my face. It was a tough decision to stop it cause’ it was really annoying for having acne problems for 6 years and no matter which product I use, it seems to be of no help. Anyway, thanks for the reply! 🙂

        • Oh, that sounds serious! Yes, I agree that health is indeed more important than complexion. I hope you are no longer experiencing the side effects now that you’ve stopped taking the medicine. Take care! 🙂

          • Ivy

            Thanks for your concern! I no longer experence the side effects now! 🙂 Is your face better now? I have just started trying new products and I’ll recommend it if it works well! Will continue to read your posts too! 🙂

          • Hi Ivy, please do drop me an email or comment here if you have any good products to share! Thank you for your support! 🙂

  • Jolin Wong

    hi carin,

    im having deep pimples, whiteheads occasionally black head. from ur experience, do u tink its worthwhile to get on acnotin? or do u have any good facial products to introduce?

    • Hi Jolin, as Acnotin is a strong medicine, I think you should leave it as your last option. Have you heard of the Dan Kern’s Regimen (DKR)? Basically, it’s a regimen that focuses on using Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% to combat acne. You can read more about it at http://www.acne.org/.

      I started on it 6 months ago and it worked for me. It may or may not work for you, but I think there’s no harm trying. Do note that it took me 3-4 months to see results, so patience is key. As I will be writing a post on this regimen soon, you can subscribe to get an update when the post is up. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • cheryl

    hi! im having acne problem and plan to see a doc but i am still looking for one. can i know what type of acne u have and how long was ur treatment?

    • Hi Cheryl, when I first started with Dr. Chan at his previous place (Ponggol Clinic) 12 years back, I had acne from puberty and it was all over my face. I had at least one new pimple popping up every day. My whole face was red from both the blemishes and pimple scars. It took about half a year to see an improvement and a longer time for the skin to slowly clear up. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Jolin Wong

    Yes. I heard of DKR. I always want to try it but I can’t seem to signup as a member. It state I’m outta region. =.= So I have trouble getting his products. How much is it btw? Please advice me thanks.

    • Hi Jolin, you don’t have to buy his products. You can get any Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% off the shelf here. I’m using Benzac AC Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% water-based gel. You can get it from Unity Healthcare or some Watsons stores.

      Just follow his instructions, but with products you can find here. If you purchase his products, the shipping is going to cost a bomb, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Viola


    • Hi Viola, thanks for sharing! I’ve seen this brand before, but it is a little pricey so I haven’t tried it. Will definitely read up more about the cleansing gel and cream!

  • Viola


  • Jill

    Hi Carin, I’m really contemplating on whether should i consult Dr Chan for my acne problems. I never had pimples during my puberty and i m experiencing the worst time of my life. I’m 27 this year and i notice that i have new pimple popping out every single day! However, i’m worried after reading the side effects of drugs prescribed by Dr Chan. Are there any readers who do not experience side effects at all?? Please help!

    • Hi Jill, have you tried skincare products targeted for acne? It is less “invasive” than medication/drugs after all. I would recommend you to try the DKR regimen and leave medication as your last resort. You can read more about the DKR regimen at http://www.acne.org. It works for me! I will be doing a post on the regimen, so you can subscribe to keep updated on the post, or check back soon. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Hi, thanks for your input! I have since found a solution to control my acne without medication. You can read more about my review on the DKR Regimen at http://misscarin.com/2014/11/18/dkr-regimen-review-acne/. 🙂

  • Jessie Ong

    Hihi. My gal suffer from acne for quite some time. Am very worry. For her.. try alot. Of method but it doesn’t. Seem to help.. can anyone help

  • Hi May, it could be the medication that is causing lip dryness. Applying lip balm frequently will help. I’m not sure about applying makeup but if you really have to, be sure to remove them thoroughly at the end of the day. Best for you to ask Dr. Chan on your next visit! 🙂

  • Jay

    Hello, so is it recommended to visit Dr Chan Clinic Pte Ltd or Punggol Clinic for the acne treatment? Thanks!

  • Diviyaah

    Hello, I would like to know how long did Dr Chan require you to be on Acnotin ? I’ve been going to him for 8 months and he hasn’t cut mine down. I am hesitant to be taking Acnotin for a long time and I want to get off it. But Dr Chan always zooms through my turn and I am not very comfortable to ask him about it. Thank you in advance (:

    • Hi Diviyaah, I was on Acnotin for pretty long. My skin would get better and Dr Chan would wean me off it. After some time, my acne returned and he put me back on it again. Yes, he always zooms through the appointment but please don’t be hesitant to raise questions. After all, you are paying for consultation. 🙂