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I have been going for Brazilian waxing since 2009 and not surprisingly, it is painful! I personally think I have a considerable threshold for pain since I have never screamed during the waxing sessions. *Pats myself on the back* But still, I felt nervous and broke out in cold sweat during each session. It’s like I’m subjecting myself to torture every few months! Not good, not good. Hence, I decided to go for Brazilian IPL as it would be a more permanent hair removal method.

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Elegance The Beauty Retreat

I bought the one year unlimited Brazilian IPL hair removal voucher with Elegance The Beauty Retreat from JuzToday. Honestly, it was a huge mistake and I felt scammed! Read on to find out more.

The Place

Jason Sally Hair Beauty Salon At Serangoon Gardens

Credit: www.facebook.com/jasonsally.singapore

Elegance The Beauty Retreat was located inside Jason Sally Hair & Beauty salon at Serangoon Gardens. The so-called “Beauty Retreat” is just a room inside Garden of Nails as in image above. I’m sorry I didn’t take any photos as I went in August 2012, way before this blog was set up and thus, I never thought I would be doing a review some day.

I would put it simply that it was nowhere near a “Beauty Retreat”. When you step inside Jason Sally Hair & Beauty salon, everyone will be looking as you make your way towards Garden of Nails. At the back of my mind, knowing that I would be baring myself and doing a Brazilian IPL, it was not comforting at all. The room which Elegance The Beauty Retreat occupied was the bare minimum required. It had just a bed and the IPL machine, that’s all. But since that’s enough to carry out the IPL treatment, I accepted it. *Shrugs*

The Brazilian IPL Treatment

When I was about to begin the first treatment, Kylie Quek, owner of Elegance The Beauty Retreat, told me that each session would consist of only 10 shots of IPL. I was like, “WHAT THE HELL?!” I’ve done enough IPL to know that 10 shots can NEVER cover the Brazilian area.

Elegance The Beauty Retreat JuzToday Voucher

Click to view image in full size

Furthermore, it was not stated in the voucher (as per image above) that it would be just 10 shots. It even stated “Unlimited Brazilian IPL Hair Removal”. Goodness, which part of it was unlimited?? But still, I decided to stay cool as she is going to be the one performing the IPL on my private area and it might be wiser not to antagonise her. The 10 shots were done in a jiffy and I chose to concentrate the 10 shots on the upper area.

My Brazilian IPL Review

I felt really cheated. The voucher stated that the “Package allows customer to undergo 1 session of Brazilian IPL per month for the 1st 6 months and/or subsequently 1 session per bi-monthly for the 2nd 6 months”. This means there can only be nine sessions for one year, and 10 shots per session. How can this be “Unlimited” as stated in the voucher?

In December 2012, four months after I embarked on the Brazilian IPL, I received news from Kylie that Elegance The Beauty Retreat would be shifting to Novena. I regarded it as a good news as Kylie mentioned that it would be near Novena MRT and I thought it would be a better and convenient place.

DIxoras Condominium

Credit: www.wisely98.com.sg

DIxoras Minbu Road

Credit: StreetSine

I tried going to the new location on a Sunday afternoon and it was nowhere near the MRT! It is located at D’Ixoras, a condominium which is one kilometre away from the MRT as per Street Directory, and required at least a 15 minutes walk. If you go in the day, it would be a long walk under the blazing sun. If you go at night, it would a long walk on the dimly lit streets. Hence, I ended up going for my IPL sessions by cabbing there after work.

In February 2013, I received another piece of news from Kylie that she will be ceasing IPL treatments for those who bought vouchers. We can finish up whatever amount of shots we have left at one go in our final session. I thought this doesn’t make sense as IPL works in such a way that you need to spread out the shots over time, while concentrating on the same area. I had 40 shots left at that point of time. If I were to cover new areas for just once in my final session, it would be a waste as a single IPL session is not going to be effective on those new areas. Do you get what I mean?

I was so fed up that I decided to just use up the 40 shots at one go in my final session and bade goodbye to Elegance The Beauty Retreat for good! *Pulls hair*

I am so pissed off for two reasons. First, false advertising. Which part of it was “Unlimited” as stated in the voucher? I think that word is misleading. Second, lack of commitment to customers. Since the vouchers were already sold to customers, the least that could be done is to honour and commit to them. I personally think it is unprofessional to tell your customers halfway through that you are going to pull the plug on them and hurry them to finish off whatever’s still left on the table. Not very nice right?

This is the worst IPL experience I have had so far and I will never patronise Elegance The Beauty Retreat again.

Elegance The Beauty Retreat
D’Ixoras #13-01
23 Minbu Road
Singapore 308172

I’m not sure if Elegance The Beauty Retreat is still in business as the contact number that I have seem to be not in use anymore. The Facebook page has also been taken down.

Regardless, this has been a lesson well learnt for me. I also hope that you can learn from my negative experience and be more aware of unprofessional businesses out there. I’ve had both good and bad experiences so far, and I’m happy to share them so that you can better discern for yourself who are the ones worth patronising. How about you? Do you have any interesting experiences to share? :)

P.S. I am a paying customer, i.e. this is not an advertorial or sponsorship. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.

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  • wennyelfy

    Oh my gosh I just stumbled across your blog while searching for any other forms of contacting details to Kylie. I still have 4 more sessions with her and I tried to send her a whatsapp message, she was last seen on 24 Sep. Now that you’ve mentioned she deleted her fb page and changed contact number, there’s no way I can reach her. This is really frustrating, is she just gonna take our money away without a word!? Do you happen to know any other ways to contact this lady?

    It’s sad to know we all got really bad experiences with this lady. 🙁

    • Hi Wenny,

      Oh dear, I feel really frustrated for you knowing we’re in a similar situation. I don’t have any other form of contact with Kylie as she is also last seen in September on my WhatsApp.

      You last visited her in Serangoon Gardens or Novena area? You bought a deal voucher like me or did you sign a package with her?