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I have been epilating my legs for around five years and was getting tired of the weekly routine. The frequent epilation also caused my skin to be dry and worst of all, I suffered from ingrown hair. Hence, I decided to go for IPL on my legs!

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My subsequent visits to Datsumo Labo fell short of expectation! Read my updated post to find out why I would not recommend Datsumo Labo.

Datsumo Labo

I came across the leg hair removal promotion Datsumo Labo was having on Groupon and decided to give it a try. I’ve read the reviews of several bloggers and they seem pretty alright. However, those are sponsored reviews and hence, I had my reservations as well.

The Place

I patronise the Orchard branch located at International Building. The salon has four treatment rooms and is simply decorated with white walls and basic furniture.

Before you begin the first treatment, you will have a short consultation with the aesthetician where you’ll fill in a questionnaire so that she can better understand your skin condition and see if you are suitable for the hair removal treatment.

Datsumo Labo Front Body Areas

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Datsumo Labo Back Body Areas

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Datsumo Labo offers hair removal for up to 22 body areas, which covers basically the entire body. I find some of the areas really interesting, such as “Around Nipples” and “O Line”. I mean, seriously? Does anyone really bother removing hair around the nipples? I don’t know, but I find it really amusing! 😀

Datsumo Labo Treatment Bed

After the consultation, you’ll be led to your treatment room. It’s a simple room with just a bed and the hair removal machine.

The Leg IPL Treatment

Datsumo Labo Basket For Personal Belongings

Datsumo Labo Towel and Tube Robe

You will have to change into the tube robe (beige colour). The purple towel will serve as a headrest, while the white towel will be used to cover yourself. After changing, place your belongings into the basket and shift the entire basket under the bed. If you’re wondering, the flower shaped holder is for you to put your accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and watches.

Datsumo Labo IPL Machine

Datsumo Labo Deka Machine

After lying down on the bed, treatment will start! You are supposed to shave the area two to three days before the treatment day. Cooling gel will be applied and the aesthetician will start zapping away with the machine as shown in image above. After the entire area is covered, the cooling gel will be wiped away and a cold towel will be wrapped over the area for five minutes.

My Leg IPL Review

To my surprise, it was totally painless. Yes, 0/10. All I felt was just a slight warm sensation, which was rather soothing actually. In addition, my legs turned visibly fairer right after the treatment. But of course, this whitening effect doesn’t last for too long. I have already underwent four sessions, and only about 40% of the hair has been removed so far. Personally, I feel that when it comes to hair removal, it’s no pain no gain loss. Even though the hair removal process at Datsumo Labo is painless, its effectiveness did not meet my expectation.

Treatments are to be done once every two months, and I do not have any issue with booking appointments. However, you will get a different aesthetician for each visit. I paid $265 for 12 sessions of lower leg hair removal and six sessions of upper leg hair removal. I would have purchased 12 instead of six sessions of upper leg hair removal, but there wasn’t such an option back then at Groupon. Overall, it works out to be about $30 for one session of full leg hair removal.

I would recommend Datsumo Labo to ladies with low tolerance for pain. The downside is that it may take some time for you to see results. On a side note, I would also recommend those who epilate to use a body scrub twice weekly. Epilation enlarges the pores and exfoliating the skin with a body scrub on a regular basis will help to minimise the pores. I have since ditched my epilator aside as the skin on my legs have been “abused” over the years of epilating!

Datsumo Labo

  • Orchard Branch:
    #01-13 International Building
    360 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238869
    Tel: 6836 2140
  • Tanjong Pagar Branch:
    #02-02 Orchid Hotel
    1 Tras Link
    Singapore 078867
    Tel: 6538 3053

My subsequent visits to Datsumo Labo fell short of expectation! Read my updated post to find out why I would not recommend Datsumo Labo.

P.S. I am a paying customer, i.e. this is not an advertorial or sponsorship. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.

Carin Poo

Hello! I grew up reading blogs, and now, blogging lets me share the love around. I offer a glimpse into my simple life, and maybe you can find a different perspective of the things I enjoy. My cat says Hi! :)

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  • Sophia

    Hi! was just curious though, did they hard sell you? 🙂

    • Hi Sophia, nope they didn’t at all. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Agnes

    Hi! Can I ask if your hair are more or less gone after the 12 sessions?:)

    • Hi Agnes! I’ve went for only 7 sessions (once every 2 months) and the hair is 80% gone. I hope the remaining 20% can be removed by my 12th session. 🙂

  • Nicolette Techawatanasuk

    Hi Carin, I was wondering which package did you sign up for?

    • Hi Nicolette, I didn’t sign a package with Datsumo Labo. I bought a voucher from Groupon a long time ago. The voucher costs $265 and entitles me to 12 sessions of lower leg hair removal and 6 sessions of upper leg hair removal. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Ansabel

    Hi Carin, you mentioned that you have been epilating your legs as a weekly routine, are you still doing it after going through the session at Datsumo Labo? Or you just shaved it a few days before going to the treatment? Please advise.

    • Hi Ansabel, I stopped epilating after going to Datsumo Labo. I just shave it a few days before my appointment. 🙂

      • Ansabel

        Hi Carin, thanks for replying! 🙂
        So the treatment is good, just that the service is poor? Wanted to give it a try as i don’t like to epilate my leg hair..

        • Hi Ansabel, if you are not that particular and just want something affordable then I think it’s okay for you. The treatments are strictly two months apart though, so may take time to see results.

          • Ansabel

            Hi Carin, I see, will there be any negative side effect after the IPL treatment? Did your leg become fairer?

          • Hi Ansabel, there has been no side effects so far. I can’t tell if it has become fairer as I have fair skin, but it does help to reduce ingrown hair which I used to get from epilating.

          • Ansabel

            Hi Carin, have you completed the 12 sessions for lower legs? How is the result? Will the hair grows back after stopping the treatment?

          • Hi Ansabel, I’ve completed 10 sessions on the lower leg, and so far 90% has been removed. If the hair stops growing, it will not grow back after you stop the treatment.

          • Ansabel

            Hi Carin, thank you for your reply! Good to hear that there is result! I have purchased a 12 sessions package with them too, hope to see good result! 🙂

          • Anusha

            Hello Carin! 🙂
            I believe that you might have completed the 12 sessions for your leg by now. How do you find the final results to be?

            I just signed up for Datsumo Labo’s treatment!

          • Hi Anusha, about 90% of the hair is removed after 12 sessions. 🙂