My Braces Review – Part 6 – Four Months On Braces

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Four Months On Braces

I have been on braces for four months now (three months from my last update). I must say that my teeth has straightened out quite a bit! 😀

My Progress

I have put together a pictorial update of my progress over the months. Pictures speak a thousand words and you can see it for yourself!

May 2013 – 1 Month on Braces

Carin 1 Month On Braces

Carin First Month On Braces

As you can see, my right canine tooth is still protruding.

June 2013 – 2 Months on Braces

Pink Yellow Stain Braces

Some of my rubber bands turned from pink to yellow after I had McDonald’s curry shaker fries. Yikes! Please refrain from McDonald’s curry shaker fries if you want to maintain the colour of your rubber bands. They stain real bad! I’ve tried curry with prata and it’s okay.

Lilac Light Purple Braces

Carin 2 Months On Braces

Went for my second tightening session and changed to lilac rubber bands. The colour’s pretty, isn’t it? Coil springs were also fixed onto my bottom row to create space for the lateral incisors. Also, my right canine tooth is more or less aligned already! Doesn’t it looks way neater?

July 2013 – 3 Months on Braces

Carin 3 Months On Braces

Carin Third Month On Braces

I’m comfortable with braces by then and could smile more naturally. So if you’re in that initial awkward smiling stage, do hang on! You’ll definitely get used to it as time goes by. 🙂

Navy Dark Blue Braces

Navy Dark Blue Ligatures

Went for my third tightening session and changed to dark blue rubber bands. I chose a darker colour on purpose so it wouldn’t stain as badly when I have McDonald’s curry shaker fries. You may be amused at the extent I would go but hey, I’m a curry lover!

The coil springs also created space and brackets were fixed onto the two bottom lateral incisors. Finally, my entire bottom row is connected to the archwire! It’s still very crooked, but we’re making progress for sure. Clear rubber bands were also hooked from the buccal tubes on my top first molars to the canines to help close the gaps between the top premolars and canines.

August 2013 – 4 Months on Braces

Dark Purple Violet Braces

Dark Purple Violet Ligatures

Went for my fourth tightening session and changed to dark purple rubber bands. Connected rubber bands (also known as power chain or c-chain ligatures) are used on my top and bottom central and lateral incisors (except the bottom left ones). FYI, the connected rubber bands are used to close gaps between teeth or move groups of teeth together simultaneously. For now, we’re working on closing the gaps from my extracted pre-molars.

4 Months On Braces

My bottom row is also slightly straighter as compared to the previous month.

Let’s Compare

Here’s a side by side comparison of my teeth from pre-braces and the current state:

Braces 4 Months Difference Comparison

Isn’t it quite an improvement in just four months? I believe the progress can be even better if I can go for tightening every four weeks instead of five weeks. It’s been difficult getting appointments with Dr. Alfred Cheng on Saturdays so the earliest slots are five weeks ahead.

My Thoughts

Over the months, my downtime after each tightening has reduced. It’s like my teeth has gotten used to the pressure and I have to eat porridge for only one day instead of three days when I first began to wear braces.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the results thus far. So if you’re contemplating putting on braces, go ahead! As long as you find a professional and experienced orthodontist, the pain and discomfort should be minimal and the end result would definitely be worth it.

The only minor headache is deciding on a colour for my rubber bands every month haha! #FirstWorldProblems. Do you have any colours to recommend? Feel free to drop me suggestions or questions you have in mind! I’ll be more than happy to help. 🙂

Carin Poo

Hello! I grew up reading blogs, and now, blogging lets me share the love around. I offer a glimpse into my simple life, and maybe you can find a different perspective of the things I enjoy. My cat says Hi! :)

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  • MG

    Hi Carin! I happen to come by your braces review and let me just say Thank you! It definitely helped me in understanding the process of braces, some reviews I read are just hasty & it puts doubt whether is it really that non-troublesome after reading them.
    Im 22yr & my crooked teeth has always been bothering me (even thou my family & close friends are fine with it), tbh I feel demoralized because I thought I’m the only ugly duckling in the world when everyone else has straight teeth or already with braces. Then comes the financial aspect that always pull me back & makes me regret the next moment.

    But thanks to your review, and other braces reviews I read, I felt confident that it’s really possible to have straight teeth, your detailed post really made a difference 🙂 Thank you

    • Hi MG! You’re welcome! My family and friends also said that my teeth was okay, but the perfectionist in me just wants them to be straight haha.

      I feel that braces is an “investment” that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your life, so it will be worth it. You can go for clinics that allow you to pay an initial down payment, and the rest can be paid through monthly installments. That should help to ease your financial load. Thanks for reading and do check back as I will still be updating on my braces journey! 🙂

      • Roxenne

        Hi there babe, i’m in my 2nd week of braces with Dr.Cheng.
        Up til now i still can’t eat normal food. I’m still only eati.g congee or mee sua. And every now and then i can feel my teeth tightening. Is it normal? First 5 day’s i’ve been dilligently applying dental wax on my 4 canines which are protruded out..but after my 6th day, i realised that i don’t feel the brackets and the hooks rubbing on my inner lips anymore. Is it possible that my teeth is shifting too fast? I’m kinda worried and at the same time amused over this issue. 🙁

        • Hi Roxenne, everyone’s case is different so don’t lose patience. Of course it’s normal to feel your teeth tightening. You shouldn’t worry too much, it’s actually good that you are making progress. Trust that your orthodontist knows what he’s doing. 🙂

  • Jacie

    Hi carin! Thanks a lot for your reviews! I have recently made my first visit to Dr Cheng! Can I know if the subsequent tightening of ur braces is attended to by Dr cheng or Dr Wee? I was trying to find reviews of Dr wee on the braces treatment but can’t really find any. Appreciate your advice!

    • Hi Jacie, it will be done by Dr. Cheng. I have a colleague whose teeth was done by Dr. Wee and it looks good too! 🙂