Our Last Day | Taiwan Day 10

Heading to Taiwan? I went on a 10 day trip in March 2013! For more reviews and useful tips, read here: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8 & Day 9

Day 10

It was our last day in Taiwan, and I didn’t want to head home despite being drained from the days of massive travelling.

Breakfast and Lunch at Full Moon Spa

Full Moon Spa Dining Area

Please ignore that bottle of Pringles which a group of fellow Singaporeans left behind

Full Moon Spa Dining Area View

This is the beautiful scenery at Full Moon Spa‘s dining area. It was so breathtaking, it doesn’t really matter what you’re eating because you won’t be focusing on it anyway! But I will still show you the food.

Wulai Full Moon Spa Toast Breakfast Set

Wulai Full Moon Spa Porridge Breakfast Set

You will be asked to select the type of breakfast you prefer and it will be served accordingly. We chose different breakfast sets so we could have a wider variety to try. There’s the toast served with salad set (Western style) and porridge served with condiments (Chinese style). Both were good, though porridge for breakfast is a tad too filling for me.

Wulai Full Moon Spa Saba Fish Lunch Set

Wulai Full Moon Spa Meat Lunch Set

Wulai Full Moon Spa Drinks Lunch

After breakfast, we went back to our room to pack our luggage before returning to have lunch. Likewise, we chose different lunch sets. We had a saba fish set and the other one comprised of some meat which I can’t remember. Pork ribs, I guess? The saba fish was good!

Travel from Wulai to Taoyuan Airport

The famous Ah Ming Shi tai yang bing (阿明师太阳饼) that we ordered on Day 6 in Taichung were delivered to us at Full Moon Spa. Our sun cakes were packed nicely in a cardboard box, but we decided to unpack the box and repack its content so it’s easier for us to carry. Stuffed some of the boxes of sun cakes into our luggages and hand carried the rest.

Taichung Ah Ming Shi Tai Yang Bing Sun Cake

The reception staff from Full Moon Spa called a cab to drive us down to Xindian Station (新店站). The taxi driver picked us up conveniently right at Full Moon Spa’s doorstep, which was much appreciated as we had tons to carry. The driver drove pretty haphazardly on the way down so we even buckled up our precious sun cakes!

Lockers At Taipei Main Station

We did some last minute shopping at Taipei Main Station as there was still some time before we had to leave for the airport. We kept our luggages in the lockers at Taipei Main Station so we could walk around with ease. Taipei Main Station is a huge area and can be confusing, so take note of where you kept your stuff by snapping a photo of the surroundings with your phone or something. Also, take note of the time. You wouldn’t want to have to pay extra for being just a few minutes late when collecting your items from the locker. You’ll pay for the duration the lockers are used, so be mindful that it’s not a flat rate.

From Taipei Main Station, we walked over to Taipei West Bus Station to take a bus to Taoyuan Airport. Follow the directions to the bus station or you can read this for more detailed instructions. The ride costs NT125 (≈S$5) per pax and takes approximately 45 minutes. However, if you’re travelling during peak hours, do set aside more time for the ride so as not to miss your flight.

Back to Singapore

Luggage Weight At Taoyuan Airport

We had 20kg of baggage allowance each and we were on the dot! Lugging around 20kg worth of belongings is really no joke!

Damaged Luggage Top Retractable Handle

Remember my luggage handles which broke off on Day 1 and Day 7? I was left with the top retractable handle after the side and top handles broke off. In the end, the last surviving retractable handle decided to forsake me too! Thankfully, it broke apart after we alighted from the cab (from Changi Airport) and had more or less reached home. Heng ar! I think that’s what you call “不幸中的大幸”.

My Thoughts

If I were to head to Taiwan again (which I hope to!), I would plan the itinerary in such a way that it would start and end at different parts of Taiwan. For this trip, we went in sort of like a circle, starting and ending off at Taipei. I felt this was an inefficient way of exploring the country and would choose to do it differently the next time round.

In addition, I felt that it was a mistake to visit the shopping areas on the front portion of our 10 days trip. I think it would be better to start the trip with sight seeing places, and end off at shopping areas so you wouldn’t need to carry all the shopping loots around for the entire duration of the trip.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Taiwan. The Taiwanese were really friendly, polite, and hospitable; we felt really welcomed everywhere. The service standards in Taiwan were also better as compared to Singapore. You can feel that the service staff are genuinely keen in providing you with a pleasant experience. I think this is lacking in Singapore, and I hope to see an improvement in the years to come. I am aware that it’s easier said than done, as “service” is rather intangible and subjective by nature. With this in mind, I guess I should do my part on the other end as a customer by showing appreciation whenever good service is rendered to me. Have you ever received any exceptionally good service? How did you show your appreciation for it? 🙂

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  • Lol

    Happened to come across your blog entries in your Taiwan trip, thanks for the detailed elaborations! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw the picture of your broken last luggage handle….it was so funny! 😛 good thing you were already back in sg!

    • Hello! Are you heading to Taiwan? Hope my entries are of help to you in one way or another. Yes, I’m sooo thankful my pathetic luggage fell apart only after I reached home haha! Thank you for reading! 🙂