Wulai – Full Moon Spa and Taiya Po Po Atayal Restaurant | Taiwan Day 9

Heading to Taiwan? I went on a 10 day trip in March 2013! For more reviews and useful tips, read here: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8 & Day 10

Day 9

Day 9 saw us travelling all the way back to Taipei. We were headed for our last destination, Wulai (烏來)!

Cingjing Starry Minsu Morning Panoramic View

The beautiful panoramic view on the morning we were due to check out of Starry Minsu.

Carin Instant Noodles Starry Minsu Balcony

Instant Noodles At Cingjing Starry Minsu

We missed the breakfast hours and ended up having to eat instant noodles. How could I have missed the awesome breakfast? Argh! *Slaps myself* Anyway, it was shiok to have the hot noodles in the cool morning weather. (Please ignore the just-rolled-out-of-bed hair)

Travel from Nantou (Cingjing) to Taipei (Wulai)

Carin Cingjing Bus Songgang Stop

The driver from Starry Minsu dropped us off at Songgang (松崗) stop, where we boarded the return bus back to Taichung HSR Station.

Carin At Taichung HSR Platform

Carin And Marcus On HSR

I changed into a cooler top as the weather was really hot and we were seriously training some muscles there with our fully loaded gigantic luggages. We took the HSR back to Taipei Main Station, followed by the MRT to Xindian Station (新店站).

At Xindian Station,  you can choose to either take a cab or bus to Wulai. When you tap out of Xindian Station, there’s a bus stop along the road. You can take bus 849 to Wulai and the bus ride takes about 40 minutes. There will also be taxi drivers soliciting for passengers near the bus stop and you can try your luck negotiating with them. If you’re travelling in a group of four, I would suggest taking the cab since you can split the cost. We took the bus as no cab drivers offered us a rate that was tempting enough and the bus came shortly after. However, I must admit it was not an easy ride as our luggages were extremely heavy and we had to lug them up and down the bus.

Taipei Bus Signals Direction

What I like about the buses there is that you’ll be prompted when the bus is going to make a turn, so hold on tight!

Bus 849 To Wulai

Wulai Bus 849 View

It was a bumpy ride up the mountainous area.


Welcome To Wulai

We finally arrived! Wulai is a rural district along the border of Taipei and is known for its hot springs. You can also go to Beitou (北投) for hot springs if Wulai is too rural for you.

Wulai Scenery

Wulai View

Carin At Wulai Red Bridge

A mandatory tourist shot with the iconic red bridge.

Full Moon Spa

We walked over to our accommodation for the night, Full Moon Spa (明月溫泉會館). We left this for our final night in Taiwan so we could relax in the hot spring after all the days of extensive walking, shopping, and exploring. Wulai is a small town and thus, Full Moon Spa was just a stone’s throw away and we located it easily.

Wulai Full Moon Spa Room Door

Wulai Full Moon Spa Room

Credit: www.fullmoonspa.net

Checked in to our Standard Room. The image above is taken from Full Moon Spa’s website as I forgot to take a photo of the room. It costs NT$3,060 (≈S$133) per night which I feel is reasonable since it comes with the private hot spring.

Wulai Full Moon Spa Washroom

Wulai Full Moon Spa Private Hot Spring

The washroom area with the private granite hot spring, and the water was REALLY HOT. I know it’s meant to be hot and I tried my best to adjust to the temperature, but I really felt like I was going to boil inside there! Unfortunately, it wasn’t the relaxing session that I had hoped for. Sigh.

Carin At Wulai Full Moon Spa

A selca before we left to discover Wulai. I was already drained by then from the day’s travelling.

Wulai Falls

Wulai Tram Tunnel

I googled to find out what’s there to do in Wulai and was pointed to Wulai Falls (烏來瀑布), so we decided to have a look. We wanted to take the tram and gondola but they were under repair, so our only choice was to walk over to the waterfall. We walked, and walked, and walked for a good 45 minutes…

Wulai Falls Waterfall

To see THIS, supposedly the LARGEST waterfall in Wulai! Why, oh why?! Honestly, this wasn’t worth the 45 minutes walk. I should have googled for the waterfall’s images first before embarking on the arduous journey. Argh! *Slaps myself again*

Carin At Wulai Falls Waterfall

The least I could do was to take a tourist shot with it after my painful effort. Not very happy because I was dreading the second round of 45 minutes walk back! Sian!

Taiya Po Po Atayal Restaurant

Wulai Taiya Po Po Atayal Restaurant

Wulai Taiya Po Po Atayal Restaurant Menu

After all the walking, dinner was at Taiya Po Po Atayal restaurant (泰雅婆婆美食店) which serves aboriginal food. It’s located along Wulai Old Street (烏來老街), which is where all the shops are. The interior of the restaurant is entirely made of bamboo poles. You won’t miss it.

Taiya Po Po Restaurant Fried Prawn Roll

Freshly fried prawn roll (炸澎湖花枝虾卷) which was good.

Taiya Po Po Restaurant Chicken Soup And Herbal Soup

Chicken soup (top) and herbal soup (bottom) which were both alright, but not fantastic enough for me to recommend them.

Taiya Po Po Restaurant Banana Glutinous Rice

Honestly, I cannot remember what’s that on the left. It was some sort of glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. On the right, is banana glutinous rice (香蕉饭). I don’t recommend it as it tasted weird. The banana was sweet, while the glutinous rice was salty. To me, it wasn’t a good mix.

Marcus And Wulai Black Dog

Carin And Wulai Golden Retriever

Marcus met a friendly dog when we left the restaurant. On the other hand, I met an overly-friendly retriever which started *ahem* humping me! The act left a stain on my jeans and I was so grossed out by it. Goodness, it definitely wasn’t my day! Thankfully, I managed to wash away the stain after the entire episode. Eww… And you know what? Marcus totally didn’t help and just stood there laughing away while taking pictures of me when I was under attack! Thanks ar, Marcus!

Oh well, it was definitely a memorable way to end the night. Do you have any interesting stories from your holidays to share? 😉

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