Oxygen Therapy Kit Review

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit

NEA PSI At 321

The haze has been deteriorating, with the PSI hitting a crazy 321 mark – the highest ever in Singapore history! I have been experiencing mild symptoms such as a ticklish and runny nose, irritated throat, and extremely dry eyes. On days when I am outdoors, I would experience more severe symptoms such as headache and dizziness. Do you suffer from these symptoms too?

With such a bad haze going on, we are actually inhaling a lot of very fine dust particles. These dust particles are the culprit behind the mild to severe symptoms mentioned above. Marcus has several of the Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kits from his previous business venture tucked away in his cupboard and seeing me suffering from the haze, he suggested that I give the therapy kit a try. I said, why not? And I shall share with you this therapy kit which works for me!

Components of the Oxygen Therapy Kit

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Box

The Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit comes in a box like this. Basically, it works to produce oxygen through the reaction of oxygen powder and a catalyst. Think chemistry!

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Content

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Powder Box

Each Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit contains 30 oxygen sessions. Each box above contains 10 sachets of oxygen and catalyst powder.

The box holds a container, oxygen mask and tube, nose cannular and 30 sachets of oxygen powder and catalyst each.

Easy Steps to Use

The Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit is really easy to use! You can set it up in just four simple steps!

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Nose Cannular

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Mask

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit

Step 1: Connect the nose cannular or mask (depending on which you prefer to use) to the end of the tube.

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Fill Water

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Water Level

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Container

Step 2: Remove the clear canister from the white container and fill both sections with water to the marked water level. Put it back into the white container.

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Powder

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Catalyst Powder

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Oxygen Powder

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Bubbles

Step 3: Empty one sachet of oxygen powder and catalyst each into the larger section of the container. You can see the oxygen bubbles starting to form once the reaction kicks off!

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Container Lid

Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit Container With Tube

Step 4: Cover the container with the lid and connect the other end of the tube to the outlet on the lid. Place the mask over your nose and mouth (or put on the nose cannular) and begin inhaling oxygen!

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

We can’t live without oxygen; it’s a fact we all know. In greater detail, oxygen therapy can also bring us the following benefits:

• Ease fatigue and relieve stress
• Help recover after exercise or strenuous work
• Improve concentration while working or studying
• Aid in beauty and anti-ageing
• Recover from excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking or a haze

You can read more about the benefits of oxygen therapy.

My Review of the Oxygen Therapy Kit

Each sachet of oxygen powder and catalyst gives you approximately ten minutes of oxygen supply, and this precious ten minutes is definitely enough to relieve my symptoms of headache and dizziness that I was experiencing from the haze.

Just sit back and inhale – that’s all you need to do. There was no smell, and you will know when to stop. See, there will be a bubbly chemical reaction that produces the oxygen. When the reaction is over, no more oxygen is produced, and that is when I knew I could take the mask off.

The oxygen mask was a little uncomfortable to wear though. I tried the nose cannular which was even more uncomfortable to wear and made me feel like a hospital patient, so I chose the mask instead. Just avoid moving about too much when you have the mask on and it will be better.

Despite the slight discomfort of the mask, I will still recommend this Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit as it provides a soothing relief from the severe haze. Yes, we can’t hide from the haze totally, but we can ease the negative impacts it has on us by undergoing a short oxygen therapy. It will help to relieve the disturbing symptoms from the haze. You can do it before going to bed to clear your headache and irritated nose in order to have a more peaceful sleep.

The other benefit I found was that I felt more energized after the session. I would need to do this more regularly to see more long lasting effects, but for now, I’m pretty impressed. And since it claims to be great for anti-ageing, there really is no harm continuing. Will keep you guys updated if I find any changes!

• Easy to set up
• Relieves effects of haze
• Feel more energized

• Discomfort from mask and nose cannular

If you have any questions or are interested in trying out the Linac Fusion Oxygen Therapy Kit,  you can email me at carin@misscarin.com. 🙂

P.S. This is not an advertorial or sponsorship. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.

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  • flying sheep

    I wouldn’t mind purchasing one of this if it wasn’t so goddamn ex. there are cheaper and better alternatives out there – this feels like a rip off at 200$ +

    • Hi, I agree some people may find it expensive. Do you know of any cheaper alternatives? I know that oxygen bars and other one-time-use oxygen products are expensive too. What I like about this kit is that I can use it for 30 times and the refills are very affordable. 🙂