Jay Chou’s Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Review

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant (義法廚房) is located inside Taipei Medical University. For more information on locating the restaurant, please read here.

Taipei Medical University Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant

The Restaurant

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Design

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Display

Every corner of the Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant has something that would remind you of Jay Chou. There’s a glass cabinet at the reception area where some of his awards and trophies are displayed. There were also some of his merchandise on sale but the price was pretty exorbitant so I didn’t get any.

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Bar

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Interior

The interior of the Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant is mostly based on his movie, “Secret (不能说的秘密)”. See the gramophone, carousel and antique piano?

Secret Piano In Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant

Touristy shot with the antique piano. I think the piano is such a beautiful instrument. I’ve always wished that my parents had signed me up for piano lessons when I was young.

Table Top From Jay Chou Secret Movie

This is the table top featured in the movie and was hung outside the washroom. I hope kids don’t learn from this and draw on their desks!

Jay Chou Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Menu

Jay Chou Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Serviette

The menu is also themed after the movie. The serviettes in the Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant are printed with his Mr. J logo. I initially wanted to sneak a few serviettes back home but thought it was quite pointless? Hmm…

The Food

Jay Chou Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Onion Soup

Jay Chou Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Salad

We ordered a set meal which includes soup, salad, cake, and coffee or tea. The soup of the day was onion soup. Despite not being a fan of onions, I find the soup really nice and subtly sweet, with no hint of pungency. The salad was a mix of fresh vegetables with bacon bits and croutons.

Jay Chou Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Spaghetti

Jay Chou Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant Cake

The main course for me was Lobster Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce (鲜茄龍蝦義大利麵). It was a generous serving of both the pasta and succulent lobster meat. I like it! Marcus ordered the Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Red Wine Sauce (碳烤肋眼佐紅酒醬汁) and I forgot to take a photo of it. Sorry! 🙁

A slice of chocolate cake was served as dessert and we ordered an additional slice of coffee cake as well. Both cakes were decent, but not amazing enough to leave a deep impression.

The Verdict

The service staff wore the school uniform as per the movie, “Secret”, which was a plus point for the themed restaurant. The steak Marcus had was a little too raw for his liking and the service staff offered to send it back to the kitchen to have it better done. We experienced no hiccups and they were generally efficient and courteous.

Overall, I would say the food was above average in view of the fact that this is a themed restaurant and hence, the concept is key. My guess would be that most diners of the Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant are Jay Chou fans like me and of course, the attention would naturally be focused more on the theme and décor (which screams Jay) instead of the food.

The bill came up to NT$1,177 (≈S$50) for two, which is reasonable. We went on a weekday afternoon and got a table without making reservations. I don’t think there’s a need for reservations unless you’re going in a big group.

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant (義法廚房北醫店)
台北市吳興街250號 (台北醫學院學校內)
Website: www.mrj-tw.com
Tel: 886-2-2377-9090

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