Jay Chou’s Fujiwara Tofu Shop Review

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Carin At Mr. J Fujiwara Tofu Shop Taipei

The Restaurant

Fujiwara Tofu Shop Initial D Display

The exterior of the restaurant showcases a scene from the movie, “Initial D (头文字D)”. If you’re wondering why is the restaurant named, “Fujiwara Tofu Shop (藤原豆腐店)”, it’s because Jay Chou acted the role of Takumi Fujiwara (藤原拓海) in the movie.

Fujiwara Tofu Shop Initial D Car

Upon stepping into the restaurant, the largest and most eye catching object would be the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) that Jay Chou drove in the movie. Yes, the entire vehicle is in the restaurant, which is already not very spacious to begin with.

Jay Chou Fujiwara Tofu Shop Design\

Jay Chou Fujiwara Tofu Shop Table

Jay Chou Fujiwara Tofu Shop Menu

The décor of the restaurant is traditional, with dark wood as the main element. It feels warm and cosy inside. We were given counter seats as we didn’t make any reservation.

The Food

Since we just had a full meal back at Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant, we planned to have only a light meal Fujiwara Tofu Shop. Initially, we wanted to try some sushi but were told that the sushi chef had injured his hand and could not serve sushi that day.

Salmon Rice Ball

Jay Chou Fujiwara Tofu Shop Salmon Rice Ball

Salmon Rice Ball (周董鮭魚飯糰)
Price: NT$80

The black parts are made of thick black sesame sauce. Looks cute! But you’ll definitely need to break that face into half before stuffing it into your mouth.

Mentaiko Chicken Skewers

Jay Chou Fujiwara Tofu Shop Mentaiko Chicken Skewers

Mentaiko Chicken Skewers (明太子雞肉串)
Price: NT$180

This was good. They were very generous with the mentaiko and the chicken meat was smooth and not tough at all.

BBQ Beef Rice Ball

Jay Chou Fujiwara Tofu Shop BBQ Beef Rice Ball

BBQ Beef Rice Ball (藤原家醬燒和牛飯糰)
Price: NT$80

This was also enormous and had to be disintegrated before consumption. It was my favourite out of the three! The BBQ beef was really fragrant and complemented very well with the sushi rice. Eat it together with the lettuce for that additional bit of crunch!

The Verdict

The service crew at Fujiwara Tofu Shop was attentive and gave us a holder to place our bags in since we were at the counter seats. The food was good, though I can’t give a more comprehensive judgement as I did not try the main dishes. We spent about NT$374 (≈S$16), which is definitely affordable. I would love to come back and try the main courses!

Fujiwara Tofu Shop (藤原豆腐新生店)
Website: www.mrj-tw.com
Tel: 886-2-2364-3456

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