Jay Chou’s Deja Vu Restaurant Review

Deja Vu Restaurant is a joint venture between Jay Chou and Liu Qian. Not surprisingly, the theme of the restaurant is music and magic. For more information on locating the restaurant, please read here.

Carin At Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant

The Restaurant

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Interior

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Design

The place features a very high ceiling, giving it a classy vibe. We were there during lunch time and it was empty when we first arrived. We didn’t make any reservation, neither do I feel the need for you to do so if you’re going during lunch hours.

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Piano

Please ignore that finger at the corner! Marcus is still an amateur photographer haha

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Batmobile

Deja Vu Restaurant is vast enough to house both the piano AND the Batmobile, which I believe is just one of his expansive and expensive (pun intended) collection of cars.

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Stage

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Bar

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Wall

Since it’s a music theme restaurant, performances would be held on the stage sometimes, usually during dinner time. As I was there during lunch time, the restaurant was empty and I could walk around to take these photos with ease, without having to worry that I would disturb other diners by doing so.

The Food


Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Soup

Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Soup With Hair

Okay, here comes the bad news. We discovered a strand of long hair in the soup, after we were halfway through it. The service staff was informed and we were given a new bowl of soup. Despite this, we can’t deny that the soup was very delicious and finished the second bowl till the last drop!


Jay Chou Deja Vu Restaurant Risotto

We ordered a risotto to share and this was too garlicky for my liking. If you’re okay with garlic, then you will like this more than I did. I’m never a fan of garlic!

The Verdict

Since we were the only ones at the restaurant when we arrived, the service crew attended to us promptly (because there’s nobody else anyway). They left us to walk around the entire restaurant freely to take the usual touristy photos. Other than the hair in the soup, I didn’t have any issue at the Deja Vu Restaurant.

We paid NT$957 (≈S$41) for this meal and I think it’s pretty expensive, considering that we had only one soup and one main course. It will be at least S$80 for two dining portions. Given the price, I would recommend going to the Deja Vu Restaurant at night when there are performances, making the entire theme restaurant more “alive” to better immerse yourself in the music and magic theme. I hope I’ll have the chance to visit the restaurant again at dinner time!

Deja Vu 互動式音樂魔術主題餐廳
台北市八德路一段一號 ( 華山1914文創園區  中四A館 )
No. 1, Sec. 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan.
Website: www.deja-vu.com.tw
Email: service@deja-vu.com.tw
Tel: +886-2-2396-8296

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