Taipei – Danshui and Ximending | Taiwan Day 3

Heading to Taiwan? I went on a 10 day trip in March 2013! For more reviews and useful tips, read here: Day 1Day 2Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9 & Day 10

Day 3

Navy Knit Top Ohvola Lauren Pants

OOTD: Navy top from a spree, Lauren pants from Ohvola

Didn’t really like my outfit that day but oh well. My shopping in Taipei wasn’t fruitful at all! :'(

Ba Fang Yun Ji Kimchi Beef Noodles

Ba Fang Yun Ji Original And Curry Gyoza

Settled lunch back at the 八方云集 eatery near our CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch II, where we had dined at on Day 1. Marcus tried the 韩式牛肉干拌面 while I ordered the 红烧牛肉面 again. Yes, boring I know. I tend to stick back to the things I like, while Marcus is usually more adventurous and will try out new stuffs.

We also ordered their 招牌锅贴 and 咖哩锅贴 to try. Sorry, couldn’t resist and took a bite of the 咖哩锅贴 before snapping a picture. I’m a curry lover!

Taipei KOI Bubble Tea

Tried 50岚 which is known as KOI Café in Singapore. Are you a bubble tea fan? I am! I used to drink a cup almost everyday! But recently, I’ve come to realise how the sugar and pearls (starch) are super mega unhealthy. So I’ve been trying to cut down my sugar level from 100% to 50% and also reduce my overall intake of bubble tea. What’s more, I have totally eliminated pearls from my drinks now! Yes, bubble tea without pearl. Very ironic, I know!


How to Get There

Tamsui Danshui Station Map

Take the train to Tamsui Station (淡水站). It takes about 40 minutes from Taipei Main Station. Tap out and head towards the left.

Danshui Town

Danshui Town Coast Line

Danshui Town Coast Line Panoramic View

Danshui is a small town. The atmosphere there is more laid back and relaxed, where you can see people cycling along the coastline and pet owners bringing their dogs out for walks. It is also a popular spot for viewing the sunset!

Danshui Throw Hoop Game Stall

Danshui Ping Pong Ball Game Stall

Danshui Ping Pong Game Stall

We passed by these retro shops with old school games. How nostalgic!

Danshui Brown Cat

Danshui Brown Cat With Pink Bow

Spotted this pretty feline with a cute pink bow. It’s so fat and fluffy eh? I love chubby cats!

Danshui Traditional Puppet Show

Another old school puppet show that we saw. Definitely something that you hardly get to see in Singapore nowadays.

Danshui Old Street

Danshui Old Street

Danshui Old Street (淡水老街) is the main attraction and it’s located along Zhongzheng Road. The street sells mostly food of all sorts. And I really mean ALL. There’s ice cream, iron eggs (铁蛋), fish crackers (鱼酥), herbal tea cubes, sausages, and more. You can slowly eat and walk your way down the street.

Danshui Old Street Tall Soft Serve Ice Cream

I tried the popular tall soft serve ice cream. There’s several flavours for you to choose from. There’s quite a few stalls selling this but I think the stall right at the entrance is the most popular one.

Danshui Ti Hu Master Spicy Fish Cracker

This fish cracker is a must buy when you visit Danshui. They also have prawn crackers which are good too! Both crackers are available in original and spicy flavours.

Danshui Old Street 5 Shih Tzu

Found five Shih Tzus at one of the stalls at Danshui Old Street! All five of them have the same fur colour and look so similar. Cute! I called out to them and some responded, while the rest ignored me. -_-

Besides Danshui Old Street, you can also take a ferry to Fisherman’s Wharf (渔人码头), where the Lover’s Bridge can be found. It’s best to go there from 5pm to 7pm as you can view the sunset and the Lover’s Bridge will light up at 7pm. Since we were there in the early afternoon, we decided to skip the Fisherman’s Wharf and took a bus to Tianyuan Temple instead.

Tianyuan Temple

How to Get There

There’s a free shuttle bus from the bus interchange at the right of Tamsui Station. If you’re not sure, you can approach the staff at the visitor information counter at Tamsui Station too.

Danshui Tianyuan Temple Entrance

We were encouraged to visit Tianyuan Temple (天元宮) by this souvenir shop owner while strolling at Danshui. He said we could try our luck as the cherry blossom season was around the corner, and so we went! If you are wondering why there isn’t any Sakura at all? Well… not yet!

Tianyuan Temple Steep Slope

Tianyuan Temple Steep Stairs

Tianyuan Temple

You’ve got to climb up this slope AND a long flight of steps before you’ll see Tianyuan Temple.

Carin Tianyuan Temple Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossoms are beside the temple! See, no pain no gain! You’ve got to work climb for it. Guess this goes for anything else in life. 😉

We were a little early for the cherry blossoms and hence, could only see about 40% of the flowers bloom. We were there in early March and I would say end of March is a good time for viewing the cherry blossoms. But of course, it also depends very much on the weather conditions which may vary from time to time.

After Tianyuan Temple, we took the free shuttle bus back to Danshui Station and took the train to Ximending.


By the time we reached Ximending, it was pouring! Definitely not a good weather to comb a night market in. Imagine carrying an umbrella and squeezing in the crowd of umbrellas? No, no, no, not fun at all. Walking was already a problem, how to even do shopping? 🙁

Ximending Soup Stall

We ended up seeking refuge from the rain by having dinner. This place serves hot soup which is perfect for a cold, rainy night.

Carin Ximending Soup Stall

I was busy checking my social media after a long day out. It’s great to have unlimited data usage when overseas! Are you one of those kind who feel the need to “stay connected” or can’t live without your mobile phone?

Ximending Herbal Chicken Soup With Rice

Ximending Sesame Oil Chicken Soup With Rice

Marcus had the herbal chicken soup while I ordered a sesame oil chicken soup. We also had a bowl of braised chicken rice each and it was so good! The rice was even better than both the soups. I cleared the rice but didn’t manage to finish the soup.

Taipei 7-11 Cold Drinks

Since shopping was quite impossible in that insane weather, we headed back “home” to CityInn and dropped by 7-11 to grab some snacks. I absolutely love the 7-11 in Taiwan! They have such a wide variety of choices, I was standing there for so long and just couldn’t decide.

Man Han Da Can Spicy Instant Noodles

I was told that I must try the instant noodles in Taiwan, especially the brand “满汉大餐”. I know we have this here in some of the NTUC outlets, but they don’t carry all the flavours. This was sinful, but super shiok! If you can’t take spicy stuff very well like me, add less of the chilli oil and it will be more manageable.

This pretty much sums up Day 3! I will be sharing Day 4 soon, where we went to all the three Jay Chou restaurants in Taipei! *dances around like a crazy fan girl* 🙂

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