My Braces Review – Part 5 – First Tightening Session

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One Month Into Braces

I’ve been on braces for one month now, and this is how my teeth looks like.

Pink Braces Carin

It’s not a pleasant sight, still messy. There’s not much difference, yet. The only difference is that my premolars have shifted away from the first molars, but you can’t see that from the pictures.

The First Tightening

Pink Braces With Rubber Band To Close Gap

I just went for the first tightening session with Dr. Alfred Cheng. As usual, he was efficient. My rubber bands were changed and the archwire was tightened within five minutes. Additional rubber bands were also attached from the buccal tubes on my top first molars to the canines (refer to picture above). This is to help close the gaps between the top premolars and canines. I chose a light pink colour for the rubber bands this time round and I like it!

Post Tightening

My teeth was sore and sensitive for the first two days and I went back to the much dreaded porridge diet. On the third day, I felt much better and could even handle tortilla chips!

Payment Terms

I paid $107 (inclusive of GST). Credit cards are accepted.

Tips for Braces

I would advise against eating curry as it may stain the rubber bands. The blue rubber bands that I had on previously were stained to green after I ate curry with roti prata. It wasn’t a big problem for me though, as the green still looked pretty decent. Also because of this staining issue, I would advise against choosing white rubber bands as they may be difficult to keep clean.

A few weeks back, I accidentally grinded my teeth and part of the molar buildup on my top left molar chipped off. I told Dr. Cheng about it and was informed that it’s meant to slowly wear off and he would also demolish it for me if it still does not wear off by my third or fourth month. So if you’re in the same shoes as me, fret not!

Last but not least, those with braces like me should not use whitening toothpaste and products. It may result in uneven tones as the whitening toothpaste will not be able to reach the parts of your teeth where the brackets are stuck on. Yes, your teeth may turn a little yellowish over time as it’s harder to clean, but I don’t think that’s a big problem. Just be a little more diligent in your oral hygiene care! You can always do your whitening stuff after removing the braces. 🙂

I’m into my second month with braces now and I’m hoping to see some, albeit tiny results!

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  • Misty

    May i ask. How much you paid for the whole treatment? In total about how much?